Utilizing grapes from California’s Central Coast and original package design by one of California’s most noted tattoo artists, Ink Works Wine Company melds these two ancient traditions together into a product as attractive as it is delicious. Teetering on the edge of stable and reckless, this wine is a bold expression of the origins of these two trades. Built on the ideals of self-expression and creativity, Ink Works wines are crafted for the bold and the progressive.

Built on these ideals of self-expression, creativity, and social interaction, Ink Works wines are crafted for the bold and the progressive.

For nearly 5000 years, masters of two of the world’s oldest arts have honed their skills. Across the globe, winemakers and tattoo artists have served to offer their wares as centerpieces of self-expression and social interaction. Both with taboo and tumultuous pasts, these artistic expressions now offer modern day interpretations and the freedom to explore and excite.

With progressive label design by renowned tattoo artist Arjay Gomez and wines by Josh Baker, Ink Works Wine Company sets forth to bring an appealing package and amazing wines to a new breed of wine consumer.

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